Intro Questions

1. My name is Grace Kim and I am a junior studying Communication Design and Marketing.

2. I am taking this class because it is a requirement for my major. But I have always been interested and curious about web design especially since technology has become an essential part of our lives.

3. I have no experience with CSS or JS; however, I tried very basic HTML for my Typography class.

4. In this class, I hope to learn to transfer my ideas and creativity onto a webpage. Specifically, I would like to learn how to include motion graphics onto a website. I would like to use the skills I gain from this class for developing my own website or portfolio in the future.

5. Designing for screen would be very different from designing for paper because we have to directly input our work through markups. We also have more control over what we're designing.

6. Thibaud Allie's portfolio site uses effective design because it really grabs the viewers' attention from the beginning as objects appear and move around when we access the page. Typography in this website is also used very uniquely as the words are loud in some places and are used effectively to define hierarchy and the overall space of the page.

7. Alexander Antonov's portfolio site is very interesting in terms of communication. It has a good arrangement and hierarchy of information. It also allows the viewers to see the gist of each work as a short video plays every time we put the mouse on a piece of work.

8. Donovan Mafnas's portfolio site works very well because it allows the viewers to navigate through the site easily and at the same time, displays a good use of space. I really like how the site is clear with the information and interactive with its motion graphics simultaneously.